A Visit from​ Back Home

It’s hard to believe that I have reached the midway point of my study abroad experience in London. I can’t tell if it feels like I’ve been here forever or if the time is flying by. All I do know is that I hope it slows down so I don’t have to leave.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have stayed busy and got a wonderful visit from my family. Two weekends ago I mad an impromptu visit to Brighton with a couple of friends. It was a quick day trip that started at 4 pm and went until around 5 am when we finally got back to London. Brighton is an interested city that makes you feel like you’re in Ocen City, New Orleans, and Europe at the same exact time. There’s a cool rock beach that stretches the coast of the English channel. Brighton is most famous for its pier which has carnival games and rides. I’m glad that I got to see it but I’m not sure if I need to go back.Wilson_J002

To keep you up to date with my internship, all I have to say is not much has changed. I’ve mostly been working on an ongoing project, along with some content material for our portfolio companies.

Classes, on the other hand, have been crazy. This past week was midterms so it felt like all I was doing was writing papers. We did get to go to the Bank of England for my International Finance course and touch an actual brick of solid gold. That was fun. Also, in Shakespeare class we had a group of actors come in and teach us how they rehearse for their productions of Shakespeare plays. Some people even acted out a couple of scenes from Measure for Measure (I just directed).

Most importantly, my parents and sister came over to help me celebrate my birthday on the 23rd. It was a lot of fun. I got to show them some of my favorite spots in the city and they even showed me some spots I never knew existed. They got to see my everyday commute and where I go to school and work. The last night I took them to my neighborhood and introduced them to some of my new CAPA friends.

Life hasn’t been too exciting in relation to my experience as a whole, but this upcoming week is fall break and I’m going on a 10-day extravaganza to Italy. Venice, Florence, Rome. Ciao.