Douces Rêveries à la Seine


A weekend in Paris is always a good idea. I took it upon myself to eat my way through the romantic city and adventure across as many art museums in 72 hours.

Starting at the Picasso Museum, located in the Marais District of Paris, you can spend hours getting lost in the Spanish artist’s work from the entire span of his lifetime. The beautiful collection is housed in an quintessential Parisian venue with divine architecture. I found the quote, “It has taken me a lifetime to draw like a child” by Picasso to be a thoughtful message on the innate ability of humans to creative and passionately dream.

Next stop is the Siene to enjoy the canal boat drifting through the river and the warm sun on my back while enjoying a classic baguette. In the distance the Notre Dame, medieval Catholic Church stand tall ringing it’s bells proudly awaking me from my daydream.

The alley ways of Paris are the best place to get lost, smells of food lingering in the air from the various cafes and patisseries on each corner. The Shakespeare Bookshop doesn’t allow pictures but it is the most peaceful quaint quarter I have ever experienced. Highly recommend getting lost in the shelves and picking up a book to read by the Siene.

On this trip I decided to overcome my fear of heights and climb up the Eiffel Tower. Way too many steps later, I was overcome with amazement of the expanding landscape of the city blending into the sunset. The perfect place for a picnic with lots of French cheese. I think the most magical experience is looking up at the Eiffel Tour light up every hour, thousands of lights twinkling into the night sky. The Louvre was the next stop and I could spend forever inside the museum exploring their seemingly endless collection.

My last stop on the art tour was visiting the Musee de O’rsay which boasts an impressive collection of my personal favorite Impressionalism.  I find the most interesting aspect is the Museum is stationed in the former Gare D’Orsay, an old railway station. The uppermost level has the old station’s clock that grants the most amazing view of the city and the Montemarte quarter at the top of the hill. Here I saw Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Self Portrait, and Bedroom in Arles.

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