Global Art Marketing Intern

Working as a marketing intern for an artist and her collective in London an thriving hub in the art world, I found that I learned a whole new perspective on marketing on a global scale as well gaining much further knowledge of the niche of British Female Artists. Taking studio art classes and art history at University of Pittsburgh further prepared me for this role. I think this semester furthered my interest for business specifically marketing intermixed with my passion for the contemporary art world. I researched daily new art galleries that were on exhibit across the world and got to visit special previews of London galleries. Additionally, I think the articles I posted have made a difference in the community, telling people of powerful exhibits with social change and empowering woman through educating them on specific female figures they would not have prior knowledge of. Getting to write about the art was one thing but being able to firsthand see and experience it on my own time was a huge portion of my favorite experiences whilst abroad.

I learned many skills through trial and error on how using social media as a tool rather than just for my personal entertainment as a creative outlet. What I found most challenging was representing the voice of the accounts in trying to create captions and newsletters from the perspective of a British artist. I found in this digital overload age that there’s so much content out there that platforms can get lost in the mass easily. There were many different specific profession and personal development skills I acquired this semester. I learned how to work one-on-one with a power figure which I initially found very intimidating. One major skill that helped was communication with superiors and flexibility in fast paced environment. I had to execute routinely good time management due to the variety of daily tasks to do. I found maintaining organization was the root of my success, having Hootsuite to schedule and a large bookmarks folder of important documents.

Art is very visual, so this semester I spent a focus on releasing as much of her art content as possible. I learned different lighting techniques and ways to make use of a small dimly lit studio. This is where my photography background working at Pitt News played a role and benefited from this internship. I will take this forward in my career in shooting more works, portraits, and landscapes. These photos exemplify the attention to detail and colour scheme when curating highlight posts. I learned the importance of the audience getting to know the members and their unique distinct personalities, which doesn’t always come across in text. People process visuals much faster than text, images grabbing your audience’s attention. I intend to use the knowledge of global marketing I have gained in all faucets of my future career and internships.

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