An American in Paris


I’m Maxwell DeGregorio and this summer I am excited and honored to be participating in International Internship Program Paris. I am a native of Pittsburgh and a Junior at Pitt. I study French and finance at the university.  I have studied French since the eighth grade and taken four semesters of the language at the university level. I want to test my French reading, writing, and speaking skills in a professional context and I want to use this my time in France this summer to identify deficiencies in my ability to effectively communicate in French. I hope to achieve deeper fluency and to gain perspective towards where I should focus my future studies in French language classes. I am very excited to finally be putting my language skills to the test. During the semester I work at my family’s dental practice in administrative and laboratory roles.

I have chosen to participate in the IIP Paris program because the international work experience will provide me with a wealth of personal and professional experiences to rely on as I look for jobs in the future. My future career goal right now is to work at the IMF, the World Bank, or a similar organization focused on international aid and development, however before this I want to attend to law school or pursue a master’s in public policy. My experience with an internship in France will help me further these goals on two fronts. First, my time in France would help me decide whether my goal of working in the field of international law and development is truly something I wish to pursue. Secondly, my applications to the major financial and monetary institutions where I would like to work one day be strengthened when I demonstrate that I successfully adapted to and solved problems in a francophone country.

Personally, I hope to develop a more “easy going” attitude while in France. Through the stress and excitement of the internship abroad, I want to learn how to adjust to a new environment quickly and effectively. I want to seize every opportunity during this experience to meet and interact with new people, to enjoy the food, and to get to know Paris beyond the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. I have never left the United States without my family, and I would like to develop while I am abroad the self-discipline and organizational skills necessary to make the most of my time in France both professionally and personally. I want to return home with confidence in my adaptability and an increased willingness to take risks.

I look forward to sharing my journey and job with you this summer. These eight weeks abroad will no doubt be the highlight of my summer and an experience that I will never forget.


Maxwell DeGregorio