Get the Professionals Together

When people talk about “Startups”, I usually think of one that locates in a basement of a house or a garage. I was very surprised to found that the startup company that I work for is in a office place called “Runway”. Runway is a place for startups and teams to finish their work. It offers people very nice office tables, quiet conference rooms and even relaxing place. They will hold networking activities very frequently, and every Thursday after 5:30 p.m., they offers food and drinks for people there to have interesting “happy hour”. I was very excited to found that being a startup doesn’t mean that you have to stay in a cheap and informal place, and people in different startups with different professional knowledge there are very happy to help each other.

The company that I am working at is called “Enrich”. It is a startup company that aims to help professionals to meet up with their peers and exchange their knowledge and experiences. Its service is to match up professionals with the similar titles and field and allow them to meet up and interact. It has some direct competitors, such as companies which are also offering similar services, and also some indirect competitors, such as websites and phone apps that help professionals to build up networks. Direct competitors, like Peer 150 and Venwise, are also matching up professionals and Peer 150 actually has a maturer form of service than my company does. And websites and phone apps, like Shapr and meetup, are some indirect competitors to my company because they help professionals to expand their networks by match up peers or people that might be interested to each other together. Challenge for my firm is that there is already competitors with a larger company size and maturer service existing. However, there is also opportunity for my firm that professionals will be very interested in the service we offer, because we help them expand their networks and learn from their peers in a efficient way. We would analyze our customers information and match them up with peers that can actually benefit them. It is true that professionals can expend their networks for free in daily life, but not all the events that they go to allow them to meet with some helpful peers. Our service can make sure that professionals can build up helpful connections when they attend our monthly event. It saves them a lot of time and effort to look for valuable connections.

Working in a startup is a very fun experience. I get to learn new things every day and sometimes, there is no right way or right rule to do our tasks.  Since it is a startup, the working environment tend to be very informal. I usually do not have a set time for lunch break. Sometimes if people get too tired from work, they stand up and play with skateboard to relax. Our organizational culture, since we do not have a highly organized system, is that you have to figure out how to finish your task independently and know how to get the information that you need from the right place. I self-taught a lot of things while I was working in the past two weeks by searching on Google and YouTube. Doesn’t it sound fun?

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