Sydney…you will be missed.


Today is my last day in Sydney, Australia. I have seen so much of Sydney that I truly feel comfortable with giving directions around here or even offering advice to people not as familiar with the area. Although I love Sydney as a whole, I do have favorite locations within it.

One of my favorite locations is Darling Harbor. It is filled with modern skyscrapers, restaurants, and is just plain breathtaking. I would have no problem going to work at one of the office buildings located in that area. My next favorite location would be Circular Quay. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Circular Quay is home of the opera house. It is jam packed with restaurants that overlook the water and is the main port for ferries. My third favorite location that I have come to love is Manly beach. The amount of stores on the boardwalk is actually impressive and so tempting when you are walking to the beach.

If we are talking about food, I have spent my fair share of money on gathering my opinion on Sydney food. There is such a variety of cuisines because it is such a large city. But for me personally my diet consisted of fish and chicken. A common term for breaded chicken cutlets is chicken schnitzel and you can basically get there wherever you are in Sydney. My favorite restaurant would have to be Fork & Grind or Schnitz.  At Fork & Grind I was always greeted by the two owners of the small coffee shop and they knew my exact order every day. I have my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh, but there is nowhere in Pittsburgh that I can walk into and they know my name/exact order. Not going to lie, I am really going to miss that place and their delicious Perri-Perri burgers.

As I start to reflect on my experience here in Sydney on my last day here, I realize what the hardest challenges were. I would say there are two main challenges that I faced. One of them was balancing class, the internship, and my desire to travel around. It was hard to manage my time and keep organized with so much going on. My other greatest challenge would be being away from the people I love at home. This was especially hard in the beginning and my only advice to those who are going to miss home as much as I did, it gets better as time goes on. I couldn’t let my homesickness keep me from experiencing something I may never have the chance to experience again. With the help of new friends here, they helped me adjust and as cliché as it sounds, we made a new family. I promise you that anyone reading this worrying about the challenges they will face here, you will overcome them. You will overcome them and become a stronger individual because of it.