My List of Must Sees

Below are the top 3 sights to see in London, in no particular order, according to me!

  1. Boxpark Shoreditch. Here you’ll find massive empty shipping containers that have been converted into pop-up shops selling apparel, lifestyle products, food and drink. The “pop-up mall” is an innovative idea and effective use of space, and you can’t visit without walking away with a donut or a thrifted shirt. There are several Boxparks in London, each housing different traders. All of them are worth a visit, but the one in Shoreditch is my favorite because of the traders they house, the convenient location and the surrounding neighborhood. There’s always something unique happening in Shoreditch, so if you’re not interested in perusing the decked out shipping containers, it’s still worth a visit.
  2. O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire. If you’re into live music, this venue is a must-see. I went here with a few friends to see Hippo Campus, a band from Minnesota that was making a stop overseas. The minute we stepped into the venue, I was shocked to see multiple levels, beautiful architecture and hundreds of people eagerly awaiting an indie band hailing from the states. I’ve been to a few venues since my arrival here, but Shepherd’s Bush Empire was by far my favorite of the lot. Like the Boxparks, there are several O2 venues across the city. I have yet to see a show in any besides the Shepherd’s Bush location, but I was blown away nonetheless.
  3. ArcelorMittal Orbit. The world’s longest tunnel slide is located in London. 375 feet high, the slide is held up by spiraling red steel beams that wrap around the slide, suspending it in midair. CAPA offered everyone in our program free tickets to go experience the slide for ourselves, and after googling the structure to see what it looked like (see attached picture) I had to sign up. After strapping on arm guards and a helmet, climbing into a sack and laying down on the edge of the slide’s drop-off waiting for a thumbs up, I was starting to regret signing up. As soon as I pushed myself over the edge, all the fear vanished, and I plummeted down the tunnel with a huge grin on my face. I didn’t even have time to process what was happening before I reached the bottom, so I strapped back up and rode one more time. Definitely a must see!