Week 1 at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht – Berlin

Company visit to Omio (formerly GoEuro) headquarters.

My first week in Berlin was jam packed with a very international experience. I am the only student from Pitt here at the hostel and in the program so it has really forced to me to branch out and talk to the other students. Our first week had a focus on the startup culture of Berlin, and Germany in general and how people approach creating a team. The business atmosphere here is stark shift to that of the US, with relaxed dialogue and attire, but it also taught me how to remain professional despite the seemingly casual encounter which I think the US could take a note on.

I’m hoping to learn how to create a solid foundation for a new business that I can apply in internships or clubs when back on campus. The second week of the course is taught by the university President, so I’m excited to engage with him outside of class and really get a better understanding of his business perspective. The learning system here is not much different from Pitt, despite the education system being quite the opposite. Our classes change location often, which I enjoy because we get to discover other parts of the campus. At noon we tend to break and are able to have a full lunch for 6 euros or less with a view that seizes to get old.

All of the people in my program are staying in centrally located hostel where other university students (and random others) are staying. I was not really sure how a hostel worked until I arrived here but it is very similar to a hotel, the only difference being the room is not as “nice” for lack of a better term and you stay with someone assigned to you, although you can put in a roommate request. There is free breakfast in the morning, as well as free tea and coffee 24/7 in the lounge.

Getting around the city is extremely easy –– the city is very spread out so the metro system of trains and buses extends to every corner. For 80 euros and I can go next to anywhere at anytime throughout the month. Although, most people choose to travel by bike or use the public scooters, mopeds and Über bikes. If you’re in an area like Kreuzberg or Pankow I highly recommend just walking around and discovering all the beautiful corners hidden in the city.

Can’t wait to see what the next two weeks have in store!

-Axelle Meutcheho