Personal Introduction

My name is Sophie Stambaugh and I will be a freshman in the fall semester at the University of Pittsburgh. I am from York, Pennsylvania and I am loving Pittsburgh so far. In the past, I have been involved in swimming, cross country, band, and orchestra. In high school, I particularly enjoyed math and science courses and I am currently planning on studying Finance and possibly Economics in college. 

The program that I am currently participating in is the Pitt Business Haller Global Honors Fellowship during which we spend two weeks at Pitt and two weeks in Dublin, Ireland. Throughout the program, we are taking an introductory business course, visiting successful companies nearby, and exploring the cities of Pittsburgh and Dublin. This experience will help me to become more independent because it is the longest I have been away from my parents. I will also become more confident because I will complete my first college course at Pitt and my first few weeks living on campus. This experience will help a lot when move-in week comes and the campus becomes busy and chaotic. I will also feel much less on edge about my first semester of courses because I have at least a little experience with classes at the university. One of the most exciting parts of this program is the opportunity to visit companies and analyze their business models. This is the first time I’ve done anything like that and it has already been very eye-opening. By the end of the program, I feel as though I will have a better understanding of how businesses operate and even a little more of an understanding of what type of business I would like to pursue after graduation. Overall, this program will hopefully help me make great strides personally, academically and professionally.