Time to Go Home, 我们走!

This is probably the most difficult blog to write because it means the end of my time in China. Before going abroad, I was so worried that I had taken on too much of a challenge by committing to Shanghai, especially for two months. I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to talk to my family at home, but I’m grateful that I met a new family and wonderful friends abroad (shout-out to Susie and Bobby, Fiona, Myles, and John!)

The view of Lujiazui (the financial district)

I’m also going to miss so many things about China. The convenient metro system and living in a big city, all of the food from breakfast buns to the best dumplings and noodles, my wonderful roommate, and so much more. But I suppose I had to go home (despite a typhoon that had other ideas the weekend we were supposed to leave), and now I’m considering all of my takeaways from my study abroad. 

The Muslim Market

I’ve taken Chinese language classes for years and years and finally got to a point where I felt like maybe it wasn’t the path I wanted to go down anymore, especially so that I could devote my time to my business classes instead of the rigorous Chinese classes. Coming to China however made me interested in continuing to learn Chinese again so that one day I might be able to do some kind of work in China. Interning in Shanghai also helped me grow professionally. I was really excited to get this big research project at Heartland Brothers once I got to make it my own a little bit by designing out all of my research into a booklet. Finishing that project and my time at the company showed me that I was capable of problem solving by myself and that Pitt has given me the skills I needed to be prepared for the workplace.

On the Great Wall!

I feel like these past two months also brought about a lot of personal growth. The biggest difference—which I had hoped for before going—was that going to China gave me more confidence in every facet of life because if I could live on the other side of the world, in a completely different culture for two months, I could kind of do anything. 

My roommate Susie in a Pitt shirt!

I would go back to Shanghai in a heartbeat and take whoever wants to come with me! I feel like it’s a city everyone needs to see at least once. I’m sad to leave, but I’m happy with the growth I’ve seen in myself and I can’t wait to go back one day.

One of my last pictures with Susie! We retook the same photo from our first weekend together!