BSEL Reflection

It’s been a while since I’ve returned from my experience in Berlin and I am forever grateful for the opportunity I was given. I feel more capable than every to handle myself in foreign situations, and find my way through any obstacle. The diverse group of people I met are friends that I hope to keep for a lifetime. They taught me so much personally and even academically. Being from all different points in our education gave us a unique opportunity to share what we were seeking out of our degree, and why we chose the university or major that we did. In class, discussion veered on tangents that I could have never had, had I not immersed myself in a new place.

From company visits to UX Testing, BSEL EIM program really offered me that proximal approach to education that I was searching for and I can’t wait to apply all that I’ve learned back home.

In Berlin they have this unapologetic way of approaching new topics, whether that be in the workplace or in general. There is no issue with being wrong or blunt about misunderstanding , or just blunt in general. Its an efficiency thing as I’ve been explained, and I really admire that way of communication and hope to rub it off –– for lack of a better phrase –– on those around me here at Pitt Business.