Hello London

Hi everyone! My name is Axelle Meutcheho, a sophomore in the College of Business Administration. I am studying Finance and Economics with an International Business certificate and I plan to attend law school after graduation. At Pitt I am involved in Smart Woman Securities and Phi Alpha Delta most heavily, they really help me in furthering my professional and academic interests. Outside of the university; I am from outside of Philly and work at Ralph Lauren during breaks, I have a flair for clothing I cannot afford and have watched almost every show available on Netflix/ Hulu/ Amazon Prime. I currently love following news related to finance, emerging businesses and investment banking. Podcasts really make getting new knowledge easy for me, especially for the business environment of countries outside the US. The College of Business Administration also gives every student a free membership to the New York Times which is really helpful with keeping up to date on the wide array of things going on in the world today and has definitely become one of my favorite things to do when I get bored. The app makes it easy to bookmark things for later, and most things can easily be connected to class which is really nice and has helped me to better understand certain concepts.

I am from PA but a grew up a little everywhere and really wanted to continue traveling while I was doing my undergraduate studies. Growing up I spoke French and Spanish, as well as English –– giving me a taste for what the world has to offer. While the official language spoken here in the UK is English, I don’t think I can go more than 2 hours around the city without hearing either French or English. I hope to push myself during this program and help revitalize some of the lost or blossoming language skills that I have. In my professional career I hope to have responsibilities that require me to do more than the typical job and force me to interact with others different cultures on a deeper level, hopefully making use of the learning I am doing right now. As someone who hopes to work outside the U.S. and potentially in the UK, I don’t think it is too far off from happening.

This semester I am doing the Global Business Institute in London. This program also allows me to work an internship while I take my courses and syncs very well with my schedule. I hope to set a good foundation for myself as a professional and bring back lots of knowledge to share on campus. I am extremely excited for all the opportunities and experiences that will arise this semester. Developing new skills and experiences I can apply to my professional goals is of great value to me as I look ahead to planning my life post undergrad. I have strong interest in changing the status quo of business ethics, so understanding how they come to be through research and abroad opportunities like this one is really important to me.