Uncertainty in the Workplace


Hi everyone! Just checking in on week 3 of my internship at patientMpower. I have been successfully working with my supervisor on email campaigns and improving their US sales presence. I have gotten a lot better and comfortable with using certain websites like Hubspot and Slack. I have also been a part of a couple of meetings to meet some of the other workers and get to know them. I feel fairly confident in the work I have been doing so far but uncertainty in the workplace is something I have been struggling with since my first day. I have come to realize that there are two main parts to this: uncertainty with my assignments and uncertainty with my coworkers.  

One of the first assignments I received was to create an email campaign. The first part of this was easy, it was basically just collecting data, finding people to contact and inputting their information in a spreadsheet. Once I had finished this, I had to then create the actual email I would be sending out. This is when I felt very uncertain and confused about what I had to do. I had never done this before and I was sure that everything I typed was wrong or did not make sense. At first, I looked it up and researched the internet on how to create a good email campaign. Then, I messaged my supervisor asking him for his advice on specific things I was confused about. By this point, I felt better about what I had worked on, but I still was not completely sure about it. When I showed my supervisor my final product, he just made a couple small fixes and told me it was great. This made me realize that a lot of uncertainty comes from a lack of confidence. Everyone feels uncertain when first start a new internship or job as we are getting used to this unfamiliar environment, but we should still feel confident in our abilities. If we get things wrong, it is okay because it is just room for improvement.  

In addition to feeling uncertain with my assignments, I also constantly feel a lot of uncertainty with my coworkers. The company I am working at is pretty small and close-knit. Just this past week, those who work in Ireland, went a boating trip together. Because I am not there in person, it can be hard to connect with others in the company as well as feel comfortable to reach out to them if I need something. For example, while I have enjoyed working with sales and my supervisor, I do want to try some data analysis work. During my first week, I had a meeting someone in the company who could help get started with that. However, two weeks later, I still had not heard from them about an actual project I could start with. It was important for me to remember that everyone is working on their own things and what probably happened was this coworker just forgot. Still, I felt uncertain about whether I should have reached out to him or waited a little longer to just because I do not know many of my coworkers that well and I would not want to bother anyone. When I did reach out to my coworker, he said that he had been discussing projects for me with his team, they were just taking some time to get things finalized. What I learned from this situation is that while it is normal to feel uncertain or uncomfortable with new people and a new work environment, there is no harm in reaching out to people you may not know that well. More often than not, people want to work with you and get to know you better.  

As I continue to work at patientMpower, I know that I will constantly be in situations that I am uncertain about. This should not discourage me though as every situation is a learning opportunity. I have to remember to stay confident and be open to others as that is the best way that I will learn. I am excited about the projects I will be working on the future and the challenges I will face. I look forward to keeping you guys updated! Wish me luck!