The Final Week: Finishing my remote internship in Dublin, Ireland

At the beginning of my internship, I expected to develop knowledge of hard and soft skills that are useful in the workplace. I hoped to learn more about digital marketing and SEO practices that are used for the businesses of clients. MEANit, which is a web design agency located in both Donegal and Dublin, assigned me the role of a marketing intern. Being a marketing major with prior work experience in the field, I felt confident that I would be able to contribute to the company. It was primarily important for me to understand practical knowledge and experience about maintaining a company’s website and generating traffic from the right audiences. I was able to apply marketing techniques that I learned in my academic studies, such as networking, and providing value to consumers through content, to help edit and improve the readability and SEO scores of blogs on MEANit’s website. I also became more interculturally competent and aware of cultural differences. I believe I can translate the knowledge I gained on how to communicate and work efficiently in a remote international environment into my coursework by incorporating different cultural perspectives into how I market goods and services. In terms of transferrable skills, I would say that I developed efficiency and gained expertise in creating social media content for MEANit’s clients through Canva. I also learned how to navigate the back-end and front-end of WordPress and the process of designing a website. 

I would say that this internship significantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I was hesitant because I would be learning about new skills, such as WordPress and Google My Business, and putting them into practice using MEANit’s website and clients. I felt anxious and worried about whether I would be able to assist in the growth of MEANit as a company. I was also concerned about whether I would be able to adapt to Irish work culture, communicate well with others, and develop good relationships with supervisors and co-workers. As a result, I anticipated that my internship experience would be rewarding, but challenging. The most rewarding part of my internship would be that I became more motivated to learn about marketing. I was fortunate to have supportive coworkers and supervisors that encouraged me to take risks and helped me to become confident in my work. I feel better about going into the workforce because I know that I have resources and people that I can reach out to for advice. My mindset towards working in new and challenging environments has improved significantly, and I feel more positive about what I am capable of doing. I believe my personal goals have evolved from wanting to learn more about marketing techniques, to wanting to put them into practice and discover how I can market and promote causes that I am passionate about.