Welcome to Seoul!

Hi everyone!

My name is Axelle Meutcheho. I am a senior CBA student studying Finance, Economics and International Business. I really enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures, which makes sense with my pursuit of an abroad program. In general my main interests lie in fashion, tech, law, anthropology and int’l relations. As a student I’ve been involved in various organizations; primarily SWS, Phi Alpha Delta and PSSA. I interned at BofA last summer and will be returning to them full-time this coming summer in NYC.

This semester I’m going to be studying at Seoul National University in South Korea. I’m hoping to improve my language skills a lot during my time here as well as learn a lot from my course from a foreign perspective. I’m also really excited explore the city of Seoul and hopefully the rest of the country over these few months.

I have not started classes yet, they actually begin in March but I’m really looking forward to my courses. Despite my business student status I’m really interested in international relations, political science and philosophy so that is what my courses will focus on during this term. The course registration process was quite different from Pitt’s and even more nerve-wracking as everyone sort swarms the site at once hoping to get their desired schedule.

I’ll be living in a share-house near my university with a few other housemates from around the world in an area called Gwanak-gu. Currently I am in quarantine for the week (as is every person who recently arrived to Korea) in Yeoungdeungpo-gu/ Yeouido and can only leave to get my 2 covid tests. It has been really fun chatting with other students studying at my university and in Seoul in general. I met a lot of Yonsei students on my flight and we exchange Kakao IDs and have been passing the time. Excited to meet my housemates for the semester this weekend. (:

As a person who has travelled a lot and done 2 other abroad programs, adapting to Korea has been rather difficult. Not culturally, but in terms of admin and document preparation it is quite never ending due to their meticulous (but certainly necessary) Covid-mitigating process. That and any delay in making appointments or a hiccup in customer service for simple things like a domestic phone number can significantly derail your arrival experience. I have also had some really sweet encounters so far with people here that have made my week. My ABnB host has been nothing short of perfect and so welcoming which has helped immensely. Also; at the airport when I arrived.. the Korean Olympic figure skating team was arriving too!

All in all, I’m very excited to see what the city has in store and socialize with all the amazing people who have also chosen to do an exchange program here!