Introducing the Main Character

My name is Sydney Hawk. I am a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in accounting, and I want to pursue the 3+1 program. This allows me to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in three years. Then my fourth year I will get my master’s in accounting. After achieving two degrees in four years, I will have enough credits to take the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam. Hopefully, at this point, I would have had an internship that could turn into a full-time job for when I achieve my CPA. After this, I plan to stay in public accounting for five to seven years. After gaining experience from my career in public accounting I would like to move into corporate accounting. The ultimate goal would be to work my way up to becoming a CFO. That’s the quick run-down of my academic and professional life plan. However, I have a long way to go personally.

I’m an introverted person. I have struggled my whole life to put myself out there and experience new opportunities. Going to college at the University of Pittsburgh pushed me outside of my comfort zone because it was a new place, but that was only one small step. I never thought I would be where I am right now which is London.

Why am I in London? Well, I am studying abroad for six weeks in London. When I was asked at the very beginning of college if I planned to study abroad, I said no. Which is funny because here I am. As mentioned above, I struggle with new opportunities so to stay in my safe space, I turned down studying abroad. That was until I realized London would be a perfect opportunity to work on myself.

I’m in the GBI London: International Business Issues and the City of London program. This program lasts for six weeks, and I’m enrolled in two classes. One class is on business issues in London, and the other is about exploring London. I chose this particular program because six weeks seemed like the perfect amount of time to experience many new things, without being away from home for so long. Also, the classes interested me because I always wanted to see the difference between cultures in every aspect including specific businesses. When thinking about where to study abroad, I didn’t necessarily have a preference.

I have several goals for my experience here in London. The first is that I wish to gain more confidence in myself, whether that be to do things independently or just trying to participate more in events. Next, I hope to create a better understanding of all the cultures around me in a global city like London. Lastly, I want to increase my network with new friends, people I meet on site visits, and anyone else around me.

So, that is the prologue to these upcoming weeks. If you would like to see how week one went check out