Panther and Pitt Exchange Programs

Panther Programs Overview

While the Global Business Institute, International Internship Program, and Plus3 programs are tailored specifically to the business track, students are able to choose from over 100 different Panther Programs.

From New Zealand to Scotland to Bolivia (and anywhere in between), students have the option of studying abroad for as little as one week to as long as one year. Choose from spring break programs, Maymesters, semester long programs, and more. To learn more about Panther Program offerings, visit this link.

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Pitt Exchange Program Overview

With over 80 exchange programs to choose from, there are a variety of programs and locations Pitt students can participate in. There are 10 specific countries with over 20 universities to choose from that align well with the Pitt Business academic track. Interested in learning more about exchange programs? Visit this link for more information.

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