GBI Sydney- Hayley

Hi! Welcome to my GBI Sydney blog! My name is Hayley and I am a rising Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management with a certificate in International Business. I am also from Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

I am extremely excited to be traveling to Sydney, Australia in just a few short weeks! I will be taking Operations Management as well as participating in a part-time internship in the city! I am also very excited to travel outside Sydney and go to different parts of Australia as well as New Zealand.

I have always wanted to travel to Australia. Part of my family is from Sydney so going there was always on my bucket list, it only seemed right to go there with a study abroad program! I chose this particular program because being able to have an internship in a foreign country was an opportunity I could not pass up! I also went on the Plus3 trip to Vietnam last year and had an amazing experience with the Pitt study abroad programs.

One thing I am worried about during my time in Sydney is my commute to my internship. I am not familiar with the public transportation in Australia so I will not know the best way to get to and from work. I have also never had an internship before so getting used to Australia’s work culture will be new to me.

I can’t wait to start this adventure!