First Week in Madrid

My first week in Madrid was focused mainly around getting accustomed to my surroundings while dealing with the general shock of being in a new country with a foreign language etc. My host family hosts a few other students who are studying in Madrid and the atmosphere here has been very welcoming. My first week at my internship was a little more challenging than I expected just due to the schedule alone. The two hour lunch break is still a very foreign concept to me and the fact that my company works until 7:00 p.m. every day has taken some adjusting to which hopefully after more repetition, will become easier. The actual work itself started out a bit slow as it was some translating for one of the company’s webpages. Later, the work was more involved with the marketing aspect of the company. I’ve started to research topics a write newsletters for the company and in the coming weeks will begin to patrol the company’s social media sites. The time has already seemed to fly by and I’m sure the upcoming couple months will be no different as new and exciting events and opportunities present themselves.