Deutsch Dude

I arrived to work on Monday knowing little about the company culture.  I immediately noticed the laid-back, modern customs Buelhoff & Funke (a branch of Springtech Ventures) practiced in the office.  Typical attire consisted of jeans and a T-shirt.  I am the youngest person at the firm, but the average age is only around 30.  Everyone speaks to each other casually and on a first name basis.  Even though I was told about the relaxed atmosphere in the office prior to my arrival, I was still skeptical due to my perceptions about German business.  The friendliness in the workplace allows for a much more productive and casual atmosphere, and this has made my first week an easy transition.  Another great aspect about the company is how supervisor asks how long I need to complete my work.  The trust they place in their workers really helps reduce stress.  A creative license is also a great aspect of my projects.  My supervisor encourages me to make decisions based on what I believe to be best (to a reasonable extent).

Each day the past week I had lunch with my coworkers.  The office is close to a lot of great places for lunch.  Because of the beautiful weather Berlin has had recently, we eat our lunch in the park.  Lunch gives me a breather from the consecutive hours and hours of work I’m not all that used to during the school year.  Work is completely set aside for this hour, something that has become somewhat rare in the U.S.  No matter where Americans are or what they’re doing, work always seems to follow.  This has been a refreshing difference.

I’m becoming more and more comfortable with my commute to work and the city in general.  This past week has helped me settle in to my new home for the upcoming months.  I went to a football match in the Olympic stadium, and checked out some cool local restaurants and cafes.


Soccer game