Deutschland Blog #5: The Write Job

Hello all! After my vacation to Prague, it was a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things, but I’m working hard. I’ve been busy typing away and as of this week, I have completed two articles. In addition to writing, I have also been working on spreadsheets of events that are happening in Berlin and London. Basically, I’m really enjoying my internship. The work atmosphere is really relaxed and I have a lot of freedom. I am loving the independence I have to work on my projects and the office is definitely a place for creativity. For example, look at this board I made.


I spent some time on Wednesday and Thursday creating this board. Usually it is full of post-it notes that have our different tasks written on them. Our old board was falling apart so I offered to make a new one using some tape. You’ll notice my name in the bottom left-hand side of the picture. Making letters out of tape was harder than expected so forgive the “g”. This is one project of many that lets me do nontraditional work. I’ve also mailed some packages and let me tell you, the post office is intimidating. Also, I’ve learned so many new things such as how to put stuff on the website. I now know how to upload events and articles to our website. In fact, I uploaded my very own article to the website. It should be reviewed sometime soon and then published next week, so keep an eye out!


My office is a bit different than the typical German office. During orientation, we were told that most German work places are formal and that the people are often reserved or impersonal. Germans are known for being organized and prompt, meaning that everyone is very punctual. tbd* defies those preconceived notions. All my coworkers are relaxed and extremely friendly. I’ve gotten asked to lunch numerous times and we’ve had nice conversation. I don’t have to dress up. In fact, I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt most days without looking out of place. My work hours are not strict. I can show up between 9-10 am and then leave after 8 hours. On Fridays like today, most people do “home office” which is when you work from home. I went to work and only worked for two hours before being told to leave. I was told to complete any work I had left and then I could go. My bosses are very insistent on me enjoying Berlin and making the most of my time here.


On my way to work, I am always a little sleepy, but I never dread going to work. It is a bit weird to sit at a desk for 8 hours though. I am getting used to it and I have actually become a pro at using the subway line that I take to work. My bosses seem pleased with my work so far and I can’t wait to take this long weekend to explore Berlin some more. All in all, this trip is better than expected and I constantly feel thankful that I have this opportunity. I love Berlin.