Learning the Company Culture

So I have now been in Prague for 2 weeks and finished my first week of work for v6 Ventures, a digital marketing company that runs a website and does content creation for local companies.  I think the thing that has stuck out to me this week is the unique organizational culture of v6 Ventures.  My official supervisor is Kenny Phipps is the CEO of v6 Ventures but he works full time on consulting work to be able to fund v6 ventures.  Because of this, Kenny works remote and delegates a lot of work through online tools such as Active Collab.  This leads to an interesting environment for a few reasons.  First off, because Kenny works remote I am left on my own to do the work I have been assigned for the day.  Because v6 is such a small company, (with only one full time employee beside Kenny), it is difficult to get feedback on tasks and be affirmed that I am working in the right direction.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I came into the co-working space v6 rents out and worked on projects with out even seeing any v6 employees and receiving no feedback.  Fortunately I was headed in the right direction and I had a meeting with Kenny on Friday and he was pleased with my work.  The second impact of Kenny working remote is that he looks at v6 as a group effort and has allowed me to make a lot of decisions that I wouldn’t necessarily expect to be making one week into a internship.  I like this because it makes me feel a part of the company and it incentives me to work hard because I know my work will make a difference and my thoughts and ideas will be listened.

Overall, this unique culture has its pros and cons but so far I really enjoy being left alone to do my work and being able to have an active voice to make important and meaningful decisions.  While sometimes this can be difficult because more feedback would make it easier to do some of the work, the added challenge of being on makes it worth it and I am excited to see how this works out over the next few months!

Picture Caption:  A card of all the different products my company works on and my company login card.