Blogpost #4

My focus this past week has mainly been work oriented because I had exciting activities planned for the long weekend. The weekend has come for Berlin’s annual Carnival of Cultures. I was super interested in checking this out, as soon as I had heard of it. It is essentially a four-day festival that celebrates the diverse cultures here in Berlin.

Unfortunately, I fell sick and have basically been in bed all weekend… I have not been this sick for a while, I honestly do not remember the last time. To give this a little more perspective, Saturday night I fell asleep around 11pm and I did not wake up until about 5pm Sunday. I’m all about sleeping in but in my mind that’s more of a 10am deal maybe, just maybe 11. Luckily every time I have woken up since then I have been feeling a bit better. It is a bit upsetting to miss out on all of this weekend’s festivities, but I am not going to let that get me down more than this sickness already has. This has given me time to think through what I what to make sure I get to explore on the rest of my time here, also, has given my body a chance to rest up and gain the energy it seemed to have needed.

Moving forward, when I left work Friday I got my first assignment from the UK office director. It is a simple, but tedious task that will definitely take me some time. Nevertheless, I am excited to work with our branch office and ready to see what other projects come in the near future.

(featured image): On the brightside of this weekend, I did get a chance to briefly experience the Mall of Berlin before I felt too sick. Definitely need more energy next time I venture through that mall. It was huge, but honestly my favorite part was probably the food court. It was not just your typical food court, it had cusines from basically all around the world! They all looked super delcious, and for someone as indecsive as myself, I had to take like two laps around the food court before making a decision.