Fist Week on the Job

The second week abroad meant the start of the internships and the start of waking up earlier than I would normally do for classes and working all throughout the day. I had never held a full time 40 hour a week job before this so I had no idea what to expect as I started my first day. After my first week I have learned that the full time job life is exhausting but also very rewarding as you can start new projects and really take the time to perfect them.

The insurance brokerage I am interning at is a medium size office with about 15 workers. Each one of the employees has their own individual clients that they deal with on an everyday basis so build up a connection and line of trust with them. The employee will deal with any type of need the client has from car insurance to home owner insurance.

It is a very organized office and very little filing or paperwork is done because they try to keep everything electronic and stored on the computers in a system known as Relay. This system is used by all employees and they can upload documents about any client and it is all stored in one place that everyone has access to. Even phone conversations are recored and stored here. It is a highly formal business with a very tight protocol in which things must be followed by. It is vital that tasks are performed and submitted on time because when insurance policies need to be renewed they have to happen on time or else the client will not be covered. A very important company value is organization. Organization is key to the brokerage running smoothly and it is cool to see how everything and everyone fits together like a well oiled machine and everyone is doing their part to accomplish as much as possible.