Aussie Blog #3

Between all my traveling and sight seeing the last 2 weeks, I’ve also been taking classes and working at my internship! I work for a small, but successful private bussing company called Inspire transport. Ironically, to commute to my work, I take a 35 minute train ride (the train goes over the Sydney Harbor Bridge) from Central Station to a popular local suburb called Chatswood. I see thousands of Australians on my commute each day, and I’ve begun to notice some strange trends:

  • 50 degrees in Sydney = 20 degrees at Pitt, because everyone is dressed like a blizzard is coming
  • scootering on the sidewalks of Sydney is more popular than you think it is
  • tons of people wear their headphones on the train, making it a quiet, antisocial ride each day
  • Kinda unrelated but Sydney public transit is a lot better and cleaner than any transit system I’ve been on in the US

At my internship, my job is to help my company expand its bussing business into other major Australian cities like Melbourne and Brisbane. I research major attractions in those cities, draft articles about them, and optimize them so they’re good to be posted on the company’s website. It’s awesome knowing that I am making a difference for Inspire Transport.

As for my academics, I am taking a Sports Marketing course that is geared towards Australian Sports. It’s interesting to learn the differences and similarities on how Aussies and Americans view their sports. The class is three and a half hours long, but my professor does a great job of keeping everyone engaged. It’s also nice having a class of only ten kids because it really gives me the opportunity to form a bond with my professor and everyone else in the class.

I look forward to learning more on this trip through my internship and my studies! I’m heading on some excursions in the coming weeks, so be on the look out for my next blog!