20 Days In

As I jump into week four, I find myself to be a much more experienced and confident person when I am in the city.  I have learned the best places to eat, relax and unwind on the weekends, and my commute to work has become a breeze.  I am quickly picking up the Irish “slang”, and feel myself adjusting to my companies work customs.  These last three weeks have allowed me to sink into my roll in Dublin, and adjust to my new lifestyle.


Despite the fact that I am working 40 hour weeks, I still try to find time to have fun and relax on the weekends. For example, today myself and a few guys in the IIP with me here climbed to the peak of the highest mountains in Dublin County.  The views were beautiful, and it was a great Sunday afternoon activity that has really loosened me up for the incoming work week.


In regard to my first full week at work (last week), my supervisor has started to trust me enough to let me work on more important tasks that make a larger impact on the company.    This not only makes work enjoyable and satisfying – but it also helps the work day fly by.  The work week in and of itself is stressful and tiresome; however, I enjoy having a systematic process to follow each day.  Mon-Fri its just one endless five day routine, but the repetitiveness is easy to manage, and I am starting to enjoy it.  As I emerge on week three of work, I am hoping to get closer to my co-workers and supervisor, because I can tell that the work atmosphere is very tight nit, and I want to feel like a part of the team.