Getting Acquainted with Business Practices in Dublin – Noah

During my second week of interning in Dublin, I’ve become a lot more involved in the projects and principles of HeadCase, the marketing firm I’m working for. The company does marketing practices in a very innovative and artistic sense. They team up with big or upcoming brands, and help them market their products or service by displaying the brand logos and colors on small vehicles called ecocabs. They also hire graffiti artists to create large promotional works across the city. Although these are just some of the types of practices they get involved in, such displays come with a lot of tasks beforehand. There has to be a lot of communication with getting in touch with the artists or mechanics hired to help HeadCase prepare for upcoming workshops. We also have to make sure all necessary materials, such as spray paint for graffiti art, are present and that there is enough. Organizing accommodations for travel is also a common task in preparing for projects out of town. I have been getting involved in all of these aspects of the company. It is a lot of work, but it’s work that I enjoy because there is a lot of satisfaction that comes out of the mellow attitude within the company. Not only are my communication skills increasing, but I’m also getting better with my time management because I always have multiple tasks to complete. There is never a moment where I don’t have something to do. Furthermore, I’ve gotten to experience the travel aspects and hands on activities that go into such work. I’ve gotten to travel to deliver ecocabs to and from storage locations, I helped organize a graffiti art workshop that Irish law students participated in, and next week I’ll be helping out at a small Irish music festival. I feel as though I’m actually settling into the normal flow of work. Being my second week, I am past the introduction point of my internship and now feel more comfortable with the way things operate and my involvement there.MailliardN05