Sydney Update: Internship

As promised, my next post would be about my internship and how it is going. I am a marketing intern at the Sydney Blue Sox, Sydney’s premiere baseball team. I work alongside two other people that are also on the same program I am on, with one of them being one of my suitemates. We have a rough start to our mornings because we have to start off with a hour long train ride to our internship site, but for the most part we have adjusted to the process.

Everyone who works at the Blue Sox are very nice especially our supervisor, Krissie Webb. We all get along very well so it makes the work days go by quickly and enjoyable for the most part. During the first couple weeks, we were assigned each a game series to create events and ideas for the themes that are associated with the various home series. I was assigned the New Year’s theme series so for the past couple weeks I have been coming up with ideas for social media practices, communications plans, and activities for the fans before and during the game. The first time I sat down and tried to do this, I found it to be very challenging because I have never done event planning before. I would bounce ideas off my co-workers and eventually I could come up with everything on my own which led to me finishing the assignment well before everyone else. I think that the Blue Sox fans will enjoy what I have planned for that series but sadly I will not be there to witness it.

The most recent assignment that we were assigned was creating a solid marketing campaign for an ad that we have created for Try Baseball Days, and I also was assigned to recreate the website to make it more efficient. To create an effective campaign for the Try Baseball Days, we had to contact over 100 different clubs within the Greater Sydney area and see if they had an event set up and if they did we would need the information regarding that. If they didn’t have an event set up, we set up a Facebook event for them to help promote the event to people in their area that may not have known about it. All three of us each worked on tackling the 100 clubs and, eventually, we composed a master list of contact info and the information of if they had a Try Baseball Day or not. The Try Baseball Days are something that our CEO put a lot of attention into and we were given very explicit instructions on what he expected us to accomplish and the time frame he desired. We met his expectations, and we just recently finished this task today as I am writing this.

Recreating a website was something that I didn’t think that I would be doing, but it is something that I am glad to be working on. I am working on this assignment with another co-worker, and we plan to have it finished by 20/6. We first had to evaluate the current state of the website and analyze what they are doing well and areas for improvement and create a list to present to the CEO. We met with the CEO and one of the outside hire marketing people to run our ideas by them and to see what else we need to do. We had a long meeting about it and came out with a solid plan on how to get this complete by the date desired by the CEO. We had to create new content that was to be added to the website, including pictures, links to other relevant pages, restructuring of the website, and making sure everything flowed from page to page. My co-worker and I divided up the work well and we plan to be done with the whole thing in a couple days, and then we have a meeting with the CEO to see if he likes our new layout of the website.

I will have a recap of my internship in my last post but for now that is all on this subject. My next post will be about my last half of my trip where I will go over my trip to the Blue Mountains, Cairns, Sydney Opera House, Roar and Snore, and possibly some surfing lessons at Bondi Beach.