The Monotony in Variety

I have finished my fourth of ten work weeks with my company v6 Ventures and it has been a very rewarding challenge.  It is a startup so it is very much a “all hands on deck” operation with everyone helping where needed and very ill defined roles.  While I am officially doing a marketing internship, I have been doing everything from digital marketing to branding to social media design to website design to content creation to coding research.  Everyday I wake up and have a different set of tasks ahead of me.  While I am in no means complaining, it i interesting how I still find myself getting bored.  It becomes monotonous learning a software program or learning how to do a calculation knowing you are going to use it and then not use it again (or very seldom).

It is important to note that this is not a complaint.  I bring this up because I think it is important to understand what motivates us and how to stay motivated when we aren’t motivated naturally.  Something I have been doing that has been helping a lot is looking big picture.  A lot of the different tasks I am doing seem small but when you look at it from a development standpoint it becomes clear how they fit together.  My startup is in the process of building a successful company and every small task I do helps move towards that.  When I look at the small tasks from this angle, it makes them more manageable and makes me feel like I am making a real and measurable impact for my company.