6th Week In San Francisco

Huge progress is made in this week.  My boss successfully open two more Chinese social media accounts to interact with Chinese market, and we collect more than 300 structured data points about our competitor deals to do some analysis.

My boss had wechat account, the largest instant messaging, commerce and payment services social platform in China, before I start my internship. Now we open two more account, one is weibo and the other is zhihu. Weibo works like twitter, which is blocked in China. And zhihu works like Quora, but it is more commercially sucessful. One interesting thing we find out on zhihu is that one of my boss friend also has a zhihu account, and he just gave a live webinar on zhihu. I suggest my boss also to give a webinar through zhihu to help market in China.

Another progress we made is largely thanks to the Norway Chinese intern who is skilled with R. I collect the raw data from competitor website and he transformed then into well-structured data table. Then we start to run some model to test some assumption we had about our competitor’s business model. We also use the 3D map add-in in excel to visualized the data on map, showing on the picture.

In the end, my friend will visit me on Sunday, so this is a very meaning week!