Almost to the end

Hey everyone!

It has been a packed couple of weeks so far in Sydney and everyone has been extremely busy with exploring and work. My internship at the drinks association is going well and I  have a conference coming up this week!

The two major aspects about being abroad on this GBI program is being able to explore a new city/culture, and to intern at a company to gain knowledge and skills to take home. The exploring part has been on full force here with everyone on the trip and everyone has come together to plan trips not only in Sydney, but around Australia and New Zealand too. Trying to figure out a good work/life balance to be able to explore while working and taking classes is hard but it all comes together in the end with some lack of sleep. Over the past 2 weeks we went on a hike to the Sydney Harbor National Park to try and catch the sunset and on a hike exploring the Blue Mountains!

Overall, Sydney has been the best experience I’ve had abroad and I am looking forward to making the most out of the remaining weeks I have here.