Hitting the Ground Running

Last weekend we had the amazing experience going to London. London was the first trip I have taken since arriving in Dublin, and it couldn’t have been better. We first arrived in London late Friday night and immediately went to our hostile. Clink78 was the first hostile I have ever stayed in and what an experience it was. I knew that we’d be sharing a room with strangers, but I was unsure what to expect from there. When we arrived in the hostile we went to our room we walked into about 3 people sleeping and a few that were awake and talking amongst themselves. After settling in we immediately went to bed to wake up for the early morning ahead of us. The next day we took a guided bus tour all around London. We were lucky when we went because it was the Monarch’s Birthday so they had a huge air show and the Queen was there greeting the crowd. Seeing the airshow and having beautiful weather was honestly the perfect combination. After we took a bus tour we decided to do the London Eye and see Big Ben and Westminster. Exhausted from a day of sight seeing, we decided to have a ‘chill’ night and we went to go see the play Kinky Boots. All in all, that Saturday could not have been better!

On Sunday we decided to do more sight seeing and went to the tower of London and saw Tower Bridge. Being another beautiful day, we had an awesome time. Leaving London was not a happy good bye, but I definitely would go there again if the opportunity presented itself.

Traveling to another European country gave me something to compare Ireland to. Originally I chose to come to Dublin for the history, culture, and size of the city. I have a small amount of family heritage in Ireland, so that was something that made me interested in it in the first place. Another reason I chose Dublin was that I thought that it’d be similar to the US as far as its professional world and culture goes. However, I was completely wrong. There are so many small differences in Ireland’s culture that will catch you off guard. Overall, they may have some similarities, but I’ve had a lot of learning and adapting to do to their culture. This is why I believe that travel is so important. I was living in my small South Oakland bubble for the last three years, and being able to break through has led to an amazing experience.