Paris Getaway

Ever since I knew I was going to study abroad in London I wanted to make it a priority to travel to different countries as well. A week ago, I spent the weekend in Paris and it was a little bit of a shock being in a country where English is not the primary language. I found it really fascinating overhearing the French language frequently. Getting around was not too difficult as English speaking people are common to come by. Ordering food at a restaurant was also pretty easy as they put the English translations directly underneath of menu items. I did however get sick during my short time in Paris and it was a little tricky getting the correct medication in a pharmacy. With the help of a google translate app I just took a picture of the French writing and most of the time it would convert it to English with few flaws.


Paris is a beautiful city to say the least with plenty of lively events to go to or sights to see. From a far the Eiffel Tower doesn’t seem like a tall structure, but when you get up close it gives you a “wow” factor. Little did I know this use to be the tallest building in the world and the French people were actually scared of it falling over. It soon became a key icon for Paris when so many tourist wanted to visit. I actually climbed the Eiffel Tower and it was not as bad as you would think climbing around sixty nine flights of stairs. I did this at night time so the view was spectacular and jaw dropping getting to see the lights of the Paris skyline. A group of friends and I spent a few hours just admiring the view from the second floor of the tower because there is nothing else comparable to this experience. When the clock hit 10:00 the Tower lit up unexpectedly with sparkling lights, giving a so called light show. It did this on the hour throughout the night. If I ever get another opportunity to go back to Paris I would take advantage of it in a heartbeat.