Less than 30 days left – IIP Berlin :(

Finally, a four day work week, and to top it off, I’m ending this week with a trip to Switzerland. However, to backtrack a little bit, this week at work I finished a project I’ve been working on for almost two weeks. I was set to benchmark all of our competitors (I ended up analyzing about 40 companies) on their social media platforms and conducted an analysis on their ‘strength.’  By this, I mean that I had to analyze their follower count, interaction rate, engagement rates, and separate their posts by type to see which were the most popular. I put together a presentation and I presented it to my boss along with the extensive spreadsheet and overall it went really well. I’m still not sure what I’m going to be doing next but I am going to ask for something more finance based.

Other than work, it’s starting to become reality that we will soon be leaving Berlin. I’m trying to make the most of every weeknight but sometimes it’s hard to take a casual trip when everything in Berlin takes so long to get to from where we are living. However, Sydney and I went exploring all around Berlin over the weekend and finally made it to some museums we’ve been meaning to see. We visited Topography of Terror and the Palace of Tears, the old Gestapo headquarters and the final train station dividing the East and West, respectively. We also went and saw the East Side Gallery which is a huge portion of the Berlin wall that artists have covered in murals. This city is so unique and cool and I don’t think there’s another European city that’s anything like it, let alone in the rest of the world. Berlin is so special, but I’m ready for an adventure to another country. This weekend I’m going to Switzerland with Kat, Lindsey, and Anika, and the following weekend I’m heading to Copenhagen. Can’t wait to update everyone on my adventures.