WorldRemit Internship

During my time abroad I did an internship with a company called WorldRemit. WorldRemit is based in the center of London and specializes in online money transfers. This is a larger startup company with about two hundred people in the London office and they also have another office in Denver, Colorado. I had many roles while working with WorldRemit. I analyzed the performance of our business to improve revenue and profits. I was also assigned tasks regarding high level competitor analysis such as pricing in new and existing markets. With the help of another intern I opened up a new corridor in Malaysia where we priced our competitors. A corridor in the remittance business is defined with a sender country and a receiver country where an exchange of a currency will take place. WorldRemit has forty primary send countries and over one hundred and forty receive countries. I am glad I was given the opportunity to make my mark on this business and help open up multiple corridors from Malaysia where they can now attract new business. This place was a perfect fit for me as all my coworkers were extremely friendly and would discuss any topic I would want to talk about. It was different learning from business professionals at a work environment for the first time instead of in the classroom. What I really enjoyed the most about working in London was the laid back work environment. As long I got my work done I had the freedom to play ping pong, billiards, or even Fifa with my coworkers.

Since I began collaborating my ideas with various people at my internship I have never learned so much in my life in such a short amount of time. I learned a vast amount on how a startup works, money transfers, and about crypto currencies and computers. Not only did I learn work based characteristics, but I also learned first hand intercultural competence. I realized that diversity is a great thing and you need to experience other culture’s ideas so your ideas can also grow. Gaining a different perspective is something that not everyone will have the opportunity to do.