Blogpost #8

This weekend I had the opportunity to experience a taste of the Alps. Some friends from IIP Berlin and I took a journey to Lucerne, Switzerland. The beauty was absolutely breathtaking.

Exhibit A:


Even though the weather was not ideal, the scenery made up for that. We also went up Mount Pilatus. I thought looking at the mountains from where I was standing in the photo above was unreal enough, well until I saw,

Exhibit B:


I thought that would be the main points of this past week, but when I was leaving work Thursday I got some pretty exciting news. It turns out I will be spending the following week in Liverpool in the U.K. I will be working at my company’s branch office. I never thought at an intern level I could obtain such an opportunity, but I am beyond thankful and eager to work with our extended EWA team.

The Liverpool team approached my boss asking if anyone from our office would have time to come to their office to work on a current project. I am honored my boss suggested me, even though I’ve only worked here for around a month. Though I am nervous to go through the beginning again with a new EWA team, I am excited and ready to take on what is put in my way.

I am excited to experience the alternative EWA work environment. It will be interesting to find out if it is similar to my current one, considering they are the same company. I am pretty sure the Liverpool office has more people than the one in Berlin, so I am also interested to see how that effects the work dynamic.

I remember when I was learning more about my company, prior to interning with them, I saw that they had multiple offices aside from the one in Berlin. I noticed that the other branches were located in the U.K., I remember talking to my parents jokingly, about them sending me to another office. Well, I guess that wasn’t so far-fetched.

Next stop, Liverpool!