Logan Kready: IIP Berlin Blog #7

Hi all,

This week my host company, Sirius Facilities, released its annual report to the public. Analysts reacted very well to its results, as the company’s price target was increased and the stock was rated a buy on most analyst resource sites. Sirius Facilities showed its shareholders it has had some serious growth over the past couple of months, and that there is upside potential for the company due to all of its newly acquired investment properties. In the office, I can tell there has been a huge burden lifted off of everyone’s shoulders. Now the employees are able to focus on their month to month results, instead of having to worry about various different tasks to find calculations and other numbers needed for year end results.

Now that I am not as busy at work, I have been given the responsibility to organize the main data metrics file for the company’s next September interim report. I realized Sirius lacked organization and structure among its files during the first days of my internship, so now I can try to help improve its system for retrieving data. After observing and taking part in the annual report process, I think it is valuable to try to re-structure the company’s main data metrics file. Currently, the file is disorientated and confusing, which made it more difficult for employees to find the right numbers and understand how the numbers were calculated. Hopefully, my new and improved version helps Sirius save time and confusion in future reporting periods!


Like all of you know, last weekend I visited the beautiful city of Barcelona. I traveled with one of my best friends in the program, and we were able to see so many unbelievable sites while also making sure to relax and eat some authentic Spanish food. We had the opportunity to visit the La Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triomf, Cathedral of Barcelona, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, and Parc Güell while also spending an entire day at the Barceloneta beach! It was really cool seeing how the main tourist attractions throughout the entire city seemed to be designed by the famous artist Antoni Gaudí. He had such a unique and detailed style to his architecture and artwork! Barcelona did leave a mark, as I got very sunburnt during the day at the beach, but nonetheless it was an awesome city and I highly recommend placing it on the bucket list.


As a result of my trip to Spain, I began reflecting on how crazy it is that each place I visited so far this summer (Berlin, Prague, Rome, and Barcelona) spoke a different first language. I am constantly amazed with how different the cultures are of various countries that are in such a close proximity of each other. It is unbelievable how each country has its own traditions, language, and cultural regularities and they are all just a couple hour bus ride, or a really quick flight, apart.  Most of Europe is well developed, and it is really interesting to see how the countries continue to be unified with so many diverse backgrounds.



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