Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about the individual/personal issues in San Francisco. It has been extremely difficult to meet people because there are not that many people here that are my age. The kids in my building are all in the 18-23 age range. They come from all different backgrounds: some taking a gap year, some from a foreign country. Most of them are 18 years old. Regardless, everyone is busy Monday though Friday and it is hard to find common ground because we don’t have classes here. The age group around San Francisco are typically in the 24-35 age range. You won’t see many 21 year olds in San Francisco because the cost of living is so expensive.

There are a lot of foreigners/tourists here so the culture here is very diverse. People from all different backgrounds come to San Francisco and California in general. Conflict is stressful at the corporate level but everything else seems to be somewhat relaxed.

Spinning off the concept of meeting people and how it has been difficult when you are isolated, San Francisco has not been living up to its expectations. There are a lot of fun things to do here but what makes it memorable is doing those things with people you really care about. Definitely love California and hopefully will be back soon, but also can not wait to go back home/school and see my friends.


Until next week,