Location Specific Work

The work that I am doing for KPMG so far has been restricted primarily to the Prague office. The first work I did, testing RPAExpress, was to see if the software would be good to use for the Prague office to automate some of the processes they were completing. Although this could benefit other KPMG offices, some of the pieces would be hard to generalize to a more global audience. Specifically, RPAExpress often relies on photos or words on a webpage to complete an action. Even within the Prague office, I was running into issues of language differences. If I programmed the software to search for an English word, but someone’s web browser’s language is set to Czech, the software won’t work. So now imagine trying to send this program to a different branch? Everyone would have to set their browser settings to English, which is just an unrealistic expectation.

The second program I am working on was also requested specifically for the KPMG Prague office, but its global potential is much greater. So much greater, in fact,  that anyone in the world could use it as long as the knew how to use the Archimate Tool. I do not know if other KPMG offices use this software, but I can only assume since it is leader of its competitors of business modeling. The projects I am doing were requested by employees of my office, so the project is directly going to affect them when I finish it. But, since the project is open source, I can submit my code only to the Archimate website and anyone will be able to use my product. It is cool to think about the global reach something I produced can have.