Michael Grande – The End

For my last week here in Berlin, I have presented my interview findings, finalized any Kickstarter preparations, and helped plan out our e-commerce push when our product is available to the market. From my guerrilla marketing experience, we were able to gain some insights on what people think of the brand. Although my marketing professors would kill me for disrespecting the marketing research process like this, we used what little data we had to help decide whether or not we will actually change the name of our product. The general consensus in the company is that we should change the name to something more catchy and it seems that from the public’s perception that changing the name would be a wise decision. I’ve offered up a few suggestions, but I guess I will have to wait and see what they decide to do whenever I get back to the states. My internship experience has been much different than anything I could have imagined. Whenever I accepted this internship, they were supposed to have successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign and selling the product. Due to technological setbacks and prototype issues, I came in right when they were developing their plan for a Kickstarter launch. I was thrown into a project that I was completely unprepared for and has very little interest in – not to mention that this Kickstarter would decide how the company moves forward with their debut product. In the end, I have become so attached to this project and I am so grateful for their trust in my ability to help deliver the best possible Kickstarter campaign.

I’m going to miss my NWTN family a lot but I know we will stay in touch. It’s funny, as they are all so much older than me, that they treat me with such respect like someone else their age. I’m not sure if that’s a cultural difference or if I’m not giving myself enough credit, but I definitely feel like I am treated like a teenager at some of my other jobs still. We’re going out for one last time together to celebrate my last week tomorrow night and that’s when I’ll be able to say goodbye to everyone. I hope that some day I’ll be able to make it back and check in on NWTN – or if they sell the company and make it big that they won’t forget about their little American intern. As far as my personal life, I am going to miss my friends on this trip – but luckily we all go to Pitt so I can see them in a few weeks. I’m finishing out my European excursion with a couple days in London. My best friend from growing up lives there and our friend from high school is coming over for the week so we all get to spend some time together. I’m so excited to end my trip this way and I am ready to be back on US soil. Thanks for keeping up with my blog!

Real World out –