Dublin Environment & Marketing

Dublin’s social environment, as a whole, is generally laid back compared to the United States. Seeing as it is a small city, there aren’t many big overwhelming social or political issues that bring about concerns to the masses on a grand scale, at least from what I’ve noticed during my seven weeks here. Culturally though, Dublin is very in touch with current social trends and movements, as well as pop culture phenomena. It is important to recognize the social nature of this cultural context for the sake of my internship. When Headcase Marketing teams up with a big brand, they often target big social events, such as parades and music festivals, for promotional campaigns.  These campaigns are obviously for the benefit of the brand(s) being promoted, but are still in the spirit and support of the events. A notable example of this is the Dublin Pride Festival. HeadCase decorated their vehicles with the color and branding of Ulster Bank, who they had teamed up with for the campaign, while at the same time they had attached rainbow flags to the sides of their cabs to show support of the Pride event. I believe that this example is a great representation of both the social and work environment in Dublin, and their overlapping elements. Such events are very celebratory and are thus embraced by the overall culture in a positive sense, which in turn serves as a great target for promotional businesses. Because of this, my internship has proven to be a very immersive cultural experience so far, to say the least.