Anest Leaving Berlin

Well here we are everyone, approximately 24 hours from strarting my journey back to the United States. It feels like yesterday I was sprinting through the airport in Zurich, Switzerland to catch my flight to Berlin and not knowing what was to come over the weeks coming up. From our first week to our last, the memories we made will last us a lifetime and I am very glad I decided to participate in the internship opportunity this summer. I picked up many valuable life and work skills that will be beneficial to me later in life.

While Berlin was great and treated us well, one of my favorite aspects of being in Europe was how easy it was to travel from one country to another. I was able to make 5 trips and each one was unique and fun in its own way. If I absolutley had to rank them from best to last it would go as following:

  1. Venice/Verona, Italy
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Dublin, Ireland
  4. Prague, Chezch Republic
  5. Bremen, Germany

Each one of my trips were great nonethless and I am glad I decided to travel as much as I did. There are plenty of other places in Europe that I would have loved to visit, but who knows, maybe that chance will come some time down the road. I was asked yesterday what I will miss the most about my time abroad from my supervisor and I had no idea how to answer because honestly I feel that I will not realize what I am missing until I am back in America.

With that being said I am so excited to be back in the states tomorrow night. I have a long list of things to do in my short time back home in Rochester, New York for one week until I return back to Pitt next Saturday for the start of training camp for the football team. Being back at my job will be exciting and just being familiar with all my surroundings is going to be very nice again. I am sure all of my family members and friends are anxious to here about all my stories from my time abroad and with that being said, it has been a summer of a lifetime

Farewell, Anest