3 Weeks Remaining

As week 8 comes to a close, I am coming to the realization that I will be back at Pitt within a month.  Despite the fact that my time is coming to an end, this past weekend was relaxing – as my family was in town and we explored the heart of Dublin.  I was able to show my family around city centre, Grafton street and St. Patricks Cathedral (pictured).

Next week at work I am making cold calls back to the United States in an attempt to set up partnership discussions between my company and hotel chains in Boston and San Fransisco.  Dialing a phone number, and hearing an american accent on the other end of the phone will be comforting, as for the past two months I have been exclusively speaking with Europeans.

With only 13 days left at Meetingsbooker.com, I am getting mixed feeling about heading back to the US.  Yes, I want to come home and start my Junior year, but there is something about the simplistic and casual lifestyle in Ireland that is making me want to stay longer.  This internship has put “the real world” into a graspable perspective for me, and I have a greater appreciation for the work culture that every adult is committed to.

This summer has also re-assured me that I am on the right track with my majors back at Pitt. Finance and Marketing are two fields that I have dipped my feet into with this internship – and I absolutely loved them both.