Neighborhood of My Dreams

Upon applying for a homestay I felt slightly nervous. It is no secret that some study abroad students arrive to their new international digs and are met with some unfortunate situations. By good luck, I fall into the group that loves their new home. My 200 year old home in the Triana neighborhood in Seville, Spain is beautiful and spacious to say the least. The walls and floors are lined with intricately painted murals and designs alongside marble stairs and columns. It is much more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for for a study abroad abode.

A photo taken from the entrance of our ‘casa’

Triana is a neighborhood in Seville that sits parallel to the Guadalquivir river than runs through the city. In my neighborhood homes are generally painted orange, red, and white and are located among narrow cobblestone streets. There are endless options for tapas and drinks on the walkway located next to the river, only a minute long walk away from my front door.

My host family has been incredibly generous, specifically with directions and meals. My ‘abuela’ is an excellent cook and feeds my roommate and me quite lavishly. I can confidently say that the only trouble I’ve run into at my homestay concerns the locks on the front door (quite tricky); aside from that, it has been a relatively easy transition. I am very grateful for the welcoming and authentic Spanish home that International Studies Abroad has placed us in!

View outside of my bedroom door