Making London My Home

It’s been some time since my last blog. But don’t worry, I have a lot to tell you about my internship, classes, and travel. It’s hard to believe that it has almost a month in London. I feel that I have done so much already, but I know that this is only the beginning.

Before my last blog, I had only had one week at my internship site. I am now on week 3 and have finally met my whole team. My team is currently in the process of starting their own company, and I am helping them during these early stages. The people are very young and are excited to have me as part of the process. I hope that the more I get to know them and show them my abilities, the more responsibility I’ll receive.

Classes have been extremely interesting and the professors are great people. My British Pop Culture class has visited the Pink Floyd museum and took a walk around Shoreditch to observe the street art and the London “hipster”. I really enjoyed the Shoreditch walk because we got to see some original Banksy work. In Shakespeare, we read Romeo and Juliet and talked about Shakespeare’s life. Tomorrow we’re going to see King Lear at the Globe Theater and I’m really excited.

Finally, I have been doing a lot of sightseeing these past two weeks, in both London and the entire UK. Two weeks ago I took a bus trip to Stonehenge and Bath. Stonehenge was a once in a lifetime experience and it didn’t disappoint. Located in the middle of rural Britain, the drive up to Stonehenge is eye-opening and takes your breath away. However, the real highlight of the trip was Bath. We were able to get into the Roman Baths and it is simply breathtaking. The weather was perfect that day and the sun was beating down on the bathes themselves making the water shimmer. Bath Cathedral is visible in the distance and it makes the scene that much better. The architecture in Bath, and Europe as a whole, has blown me away with its beauty.


This past weekend, some friends and I went into the city and visited Big Ben, Parlament, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. This is the first time I’ve seen these four sites up close since I’ve been here. Unfortunately, there are scaffolds around Big Ben right now, which ruins the appeal a bit. I finished the weekend by watching the Eagles win on Sunday!

I have begun to feel like London is turning into my second home. On the tube the other day during my commute to work, a few obvious tourist were talking loudly to each other and I looked at them the way Londoners looked at me during my first days. I’m starting to get into a routine and find the places where the locals go. Lastly, I am heading on a trip to St. Andrews, Scotland this weekend and am looking to crossing it off my bucket list.