“Spring Break”

G’day everyone!


Last week we were given off from classes and our internships to enjoy our “Spring Break”.  A group of 4 friends and I decided we wanted to travel to New Zealand and see all it has to offer. Our plan was to fly from Sydney to Auckland, spend three days on the north island, and then fly from Auckland to Queenstown, to spend the other three days on the south island.

Once we landed in Auckland, we hopped on a Kiwi Experience bus that drove us three hours south to a town called Rotorua. We spent two days in Rotorua where we walked through parks full of geothermal hot springs, swam in a hot spring lake, and went Zorbing- a New Zealand native sport where you roll down a hill inside of a large inflatable ball filled with water!  After two days in Rotorua, we returned for a full day in Auckland, which was very underwhelming.  The city seemed very dirty, unorganized, and safety didn’t seem to be the most prioritized thing.

After a bumpy flight to Queenstown, NZ, we arrived at our hostel. The first night we walked around the town, and just had a relaxing night by the water.  Queenstown is the most beautiful place on Earth. I’ve attached an image from where our hostel was located. The second day, we took a day cruise to a wonderful place called Milford Sound.  It truly was stunning. The final day, a friend and I did a 6-hour hike to the top of a mountain to see some tremendous views of Queenstown.  I would recommend every single person to see Queenstown if they have the chance.

Now, back to school and work!


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