2 more weeks!


The end of this program is near! I cannot believe how fast this program is going, and am even more surprised that the end is only two weeks away! Last week, CAPA had an excursion called the ‘Road & Snore’ which was held at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney! This was one of the coolest things that I have done on this program! The zoo is located in “North Sydney” so we had to take a ferry across the harbor.  But the roar & snore is a sleepover at the zoo! We first did a tour of the zoo to see some of the animals, and we saw some Komodo dragons, crocodiles, koalas, and some pretty cool birds! After the initial tour, we went back to our sleeping arrangements- tents in the middle of the zoo! We had dinner and then got to pet a snake and a lizard! We then had a night tour to see some of the nocturnal animals where we saw a crescent bear and an animal that is basically a wildcat! We had lights out at 11 pm because we had an early wake up to do another tour! After being woken up by the animals at 5am, we had breakfast and then got to feed the giraffes.  It was an amazing experience that I was thrilled to do because giraffes are my favorite animal! I am so happy that I was able to do this excursion!


With the last two weeks ahead of me, there are some final things that I would like to do/see in Sydney, but also need to capitalize on my final projects and exams! At this point in the program, I am feeling a little ready to go home! This was an amazing experience!
Cheers! Mitch