A Wicked Spectacle

This past weekend was my last one away from Sevilla until the end of my program, after an astounding two months of consecutive weekend trips. Studying abroad has given me the immense opportunity to not only live in Spain but also explore the many countries and cultures surrounding it at prices incomparable for travel from the States. This time, my friends from home and I sported our warmest coats and wandered the streets of London. Fortunately a family member of mine let us borrow their flat in St. John’s Wood so we didn’t have to book any accommodation. Next to Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, the St. John’s Wood neighborhood is situated in a more quiet and residential area which granted us a different perspective than most hostels would have. When we wanted to enter the more concentrated parts, the Underground (although expensive) was quick and easy to maneuver for getting around. To top off the weekend, we went to an excellent performance of Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. This was my first attendance of a Broadway production and let’s just say… my life will never be the same. If you’re ever in London I HIGHLY recommend that you splurge on this exceptional experience, it is well worth it.

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Catching up on our European adventures in front of Buckingham Palace

A post on London cannot go without mention of its current political and economic position. The referendum left my family split on different sides and resulted in many lengthy and strongly worded feuds, but does not significantly compare to its impact on the future of the United Kingdom. To maintain my neutrality, I will simply state my interest in what’s to come within the next decade. As an Economics and Business dual major I anticipate to learn more about their independence in my Spring courses specifically related to changes in inflation, employment rates and trade performance. The situation in Spain with Catalonia’s attempt at secession has given light to broaden my understanding of Brexit, but at the same time has been disquieting to observe from the perspective in Andalucía. It has been an invigorating time to be in Europe in the eyes of a humble student previously poorly acquainted with world politics.

Aside from political affairs, it was a wonderful vacation filled with visits to places I hadn’t unearthed before, such as Camden Market, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and Old Spitalfields Market. I look forward to my eventual return! Here’s to the final stretch in Sevilla.

Saturday morning stroll through Regent’s Park