Pre-Departure to Madrid

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Elizabeth Hepburn

Year: Junior
Major: Marketing & Business Information Systems
From: Philadelphia, PA

I am so excited to be a madrileña for a few months! In Madrid, I will be attending the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija through ISA’s Madrid Spring 1B program. I will be taking classes in International Marketing, International Communications, Spanish Art and Architecture, and others.

I leave this February on the journey of a lifetime. I am grateful for the chance to study abroad and broaden my horizons. I have chosen Spain because I took Spanish in high school and my great-grandmother is from Northern Spain. My father has held this “Spanish” heritage close, and growing up, my siblings and I had nannies from Mexico who taught us Spanish as one of our first languages. He works in South America, and while there, I have been able to practice my Spanish (though differing dialects). I chose the city of Madrid in particular because I wanted an urban abroad experience, and unfortunately CBA will not give students their earned credits if they choose to go to Barcelona.

Fun Facts:

  • I went to an international ballet boarding school in Philadelphia, PA and have always been around international students
  • I love to cook and eat, so I can’t wait to be a true ~foodie~ across Europe.
  • I am funding my trip abroad all on my own, so my budgeting skills must be on point.
  • I am looking forward to being inspired by the culture, and feel closer to my great-grandmother and grandparents.