Bruges: 10/8

When we arrived it was a small journey from our bus to the center of the city. The sun was shining and it was warm enough to travel around with just a light rain jacket on. The billowy clouds cast the occasional shadow but the sun felt warm on my face. The city is more than beautiful. There was a lone man playing the accordion in the middle of a smaller square. The architecture was quite medieval and there were horse drawn carriages pulling tourists from one side of the city to the other. First stop was to get some waffles. I chose strawberry and chocolate and they gave it to me in a small cardboard waffle boat with a little Belgium flag in it. It was better than I expected; the waffle was first dipped in a hard caramel crunch coat while the dough was still warm, then the berries were put on top and drizzled with milk chocolate. We walked across the city and found a small little chocolate shop, Pralinette. I asked the man how long the chocolate lasted and he said between 4-6 weeks. I bought a variety of artesian chocolates for my family coming in 2 1/2 weeks and two milk chocolate candy bars – one for me and one for Nico because we love milk chocolate (I’m not sure if one would be enough). Before eating dinner, we went into a chocolate store that displayed how they make their own chocolate and I got a postcard of the markets all lit up for Christmas time. While enjoying a Belgian blond beer in the short 30 minutes before we had to leave, I relished about our time spent although was sad we didn’t have more time in the city. I enjoyed my time there and thought it was beautiful. I think I might be coming back for the Christmas markets around Thanksgiving. This trip has taught myself that understanding the stereotypes of American people so that I am able to appreciate the history and adapt to the culture of a whole new place.